Mademoiselle Piccolo, flutist and pompon lover, comes on stage and gets ready to perform with a prestigious orchestra... But the other musicians don't show up...

Be that as it may, Mademoiselle Piccolo, slim and clumsy, liberates her tongue and lets her whimsical dreams set the rhythm for her music and movements. Then she decides to leave for Argentina, to dance a wild paso doble and slip into the jacket - and the role – of an orchestra conductor !

Allegro Piccolo ! is an international musical theatre binding clown, mime and music for the worthest enjoyment of the whole family.

Always the rhythm is given to us to hear, see and feel thanks to Mademoiselle Piccolo's many dances of emotion !

Family entertainment (Age 5 and up, and adult)
55 minutes
Show available for schools without equipment

Description of the show
Technical needs